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Political Terms MCQS General Knowledge

Political Terms MCQs. The entire Political Terms MCQs asked in previous exams. Clickans.com is most accurate source of exam preparation, specially PPSC, CSS, PMS, SPSC,KPPSC.

1. A person employed and smuggled into the territory of the adversity to organize subversion while outwardly posing as an adherent

(a) Apartheid                          

(b) Agent Provocateur

(c) Lynching                           

(d) Nexalism

Option ((b) Agent Provocateur

2. Loyalty or duty of a subject to the sovereign or the government is called

(a) Condominium                   

(b) Suzerainty

(c) Allegiance 

(d) Sovereignty

Option (c) Allegiance 

3. A condition in which a government is powerless to maintain law and order is called

(a) Episcopacy                       

(b) Diarchy

(c) Appeasement                   

(d) Anarchy

Option (d) Anarchy

4. General Pardon shown to the convicts on special occasions is called

(a) Four Freedoms    

(b) Hierarchy

(c) Amnesty 

(d) Mediation


Option (c) Amnesty 

5. The Policy of racial segregation of Whites and non-Whites mainly in South Africa is called

(a) Apartheid 

(b) Demagogy

(c) Pacifism                           

(d) Nexalism

Option (a) Apartheid 

6. The act of gratifying one’s adversary with concessions even by sacrificing principles is called

(a) Appeasement  

(b) Comintern

(c) Impeachment                   

(d) Naturalization

Option (a) Appeasement  

7. A temporary cessation of fighting pending formal negotiations for peace is called

(a) Blitzkrieg                           

(b) Bourgeoisie

(c) Armistice

(d) Coup d’etat

Option (c) Armistice

8. Refuge or Protection granted to a foreign national in another country is called

(a) Amnesty                          

(b) Asylum

(c) Inquest                              

(d) Parole

Option (a) Amnesty 

9. Junior official in the diplomatic service such as military Naval or Commercial is called

(a) Charge d’ Affaires

(b) Consul

(c) Envoy                                           

(d) Attaché

Option (d) Attaché

10. A form of government in which absolute political and coercive powers are concentrated in the ruler is called

(a) Bolshevism                      

(b) Autocracy

(c) Imperialism                                   

(d) Fascism

Option (b) Autocracy

11. A constitutional set up in which the legislature comprises two chambers like House of Lords and House of Commons

(a) Bilateral                             

(b) Bicameral

(c) Diarchy                             

(d) None of these

Option (b) Bicameral

12. A powerful faction or dominant group with in a party is also called

(a) Black Panthers     

(b) Autocracy

(c) Cancus 

(d) Bourgeoisie

Option (c) Cancus 

13. The senior most diplomats after the Head of the Mission who temporarily conducts the affairs of the Mission during the absence of the Head of Mission is also called?

(a) Charge d’ Affaires

(b) Attaché

(c) Armistice                          

(d) Agent Provocateurs

Option (a) Charge d’ Affaires

14. Aggressive patriotism with contempt towards other nations is called

(a) Anarchism                        

(b) Chauvinism

(c) Condominium                   

(d) Fascism

Option (b) Chauvinism

15. Handing over by one government to another of a fugitive from justice is called

(a) Genocide                          

(b) Extradition

(c) Impeachment                   

(d) Polycentralism

Option (b) Extradition

16. A combination or association of two parties with the purpose of forming a composite government or to forge unity of action is called

(a) Confederation                   

(b) Concordant

(c) Coalition   

(d) Co-existence

Option (c) Coalition   

17. Alliance of countries for specific purpose but the states continue to retain their individual independence is called

(a) Federation   

(b) Confederation

(c) Coalition                            

(d) None of them

Option (b) Confederation

18. Goods and war material which are forbidden under the international law to be supplied by neutral states to the belligerents are called

(a) Contraband

(b) Embargo

(c) Espionage            

(d) Lynching

Option (a) Contraband

19. Completely standstill situation wherein further negotiations are impossible

(a) Condominium                   

(b) Demagogy

(c) Dialectical             

(d) Diarchy

Option (b) Demagogy

20. A well-planned and well-directed system of spying laid by government or its agents in a foreign country is called

(a) Coup d’etat   

(b) Plenipotentiary

(c) Espionage  

(d) None of these

Option (c) Espionage  

21. Body of anti-national spies who, in the time of war commits subversion acts to hinder the national effort are called

(a) Fourth Column     

(b) Fifth Column

(c) Coup d’etat                       

(d) None of these

Option (b) Fifth Column

22. A wilful extermination of a racial, religious or a political group is called

(a) Extradition            

(b) Genocide

(c) Oligarchy              

(d) None of these

Option (b) Genocide

23. A Pacific and Conciliatory role played by a third party to help compose differences between two parties is called

(a) Good offices                     

(b) Naturalization

(c) Polarization

(d) None of these

Option (c) Polarization

24. A body, religious or secular, organized on ranks, orders or grade is called

(a) Theocracy            

(b) Skinheads

(c) Hierarchy 

(d) Plutocracy

Option (c) Hierarchy 

25. A British law under which, if a person is kept in prison without trial the courts are empowered to issue a writ to the jailor to produce the person

(a) Suzerainty             

(b) Habeas Corpus

(c) Statute                              

(d) Prerogative

Option (b) Habeas Corpus

Political Terms MCQs. The entire Political Terms MCQs asked in previous exams. Clickans.com is most accurate source of exam preparation, specially PPSC, CSS, PMS, SPSC,KPPSC.

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