Personal Staff Officer PPSC (BS-17) in the Services & General Administration Department PPSC-2020

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Personal Staff Officer PPSC Past Paper 2020
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PPSC Past Paper 2020 MCQS of Personal staff officer in the service and general administration department was held under the Punjab public service commission. Personal Staff Officer PPSC Past Paper 2020 has been uploaded on Clickans for the preparation of single paper of PPSC. All these MCQs are solved, students can read and memorize for exam day.

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Personal Staff Officer PPSC Past Paper 2020

1. Pakistan took first structural adjustment package from IMF during the regime of _____ in the year 1958?

(A) Sikandar Mirza

(B) Ayub Khan

(C) Feroz Khan

(D) None of these

2. The only species of the cat family that lives and hunts in groups is:

(A) Leopards

(B) Lion

(C) Cheetahs

(D) Cougars

3. Takht-i-Bhai is an archeological site of Buddhist Civilization, located near the city of:

(A) Texila

(B) Peshawar

(C) Mardan

(D) Char Sadda

4. Who wrote the book “Tareekh-ul-Umam wal mulook”?

(A) Al-Wadidi

(B) Ibn-e-Jareer Tabri

(C) Abu Hanifa

(D) Imam Bukhari

5. National Assembly adopted “The 26th Constitutional (amendment) Bill 2019 on ______?

(A) May 07

(B) May 09

(C) May 11

(D) May 13

6. Pakistan Joined SCO as full member on _____?

(A) 09 June 2015

(B) 09 June 2016

(C) 09 June 2017

(D) None of these

7. What was the launch date of the Indian Mission to Moon Chandrayaan-2?

(A) 20 August 2019

(B) 22 July 2019

(C) 6 September 2019

(D) 7 September 2019

8. A red wavy line under a text indicates:

(A) Character mistakes

(B) Grammatical mistakes

(C) Spelling mistakes

(D) Spacing mistakes

9. Which operation will you perform to move a block of text in MS Word?

(A) Copy and Paste

(B) Cut and Paste

(C) Paste and Delete

(D) Paste and Cut

10. The famous painting “La Gioconda” is better known as:

(A) The Last Supper

(B) Mona Lisa

(C) Madonnah Child

(D) Sun Flower

11. Sikhism is a religion of _____.

(A) One Guru

(B) Three Guru

(C) Five Guru

(D) Ten Guru

12. Within six month of Quaid-e-Azam’s death, Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly adopted:

(A) The first draft of the Constitution

(B) Bill of fundamental Rights

(C) Objectives Resolution

(D) Report on basic Principles

13. The Pakistan film “Zarqa” became very popular in Pakistan and the Middle East. Who played the Character of “Zarqa” in the movie?

(A) Neelo

(B) Musarat Nazeer

(C) Zeba

(D) None of these

14. OIC is:

(A) A Specialized Agency of UN

(B) A Regional Muslim Organization

(C) An Organization of Muslim States

(D) A Human Rights Activist Organization

15. A mural is:

(A) Any piece of art work

(B) Name of Steam Engine

(C) Cross breed of a donkey and mare

(D) A specie of Poison frog living in Africa

16. Huge mass of land surrounded by ocean from at least three sides is called:

(A) Continent

(B) Continental Shelf

(C) Sub-Continent

(D) Peninsula

17. Noor Jahan came from ____ in the region of the Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great:

(A) Iran

(B) Azerbaijan

(C) Egypt

(D) Uzbekistan

18. Which of the following countries has the longest coastline in the world?


(B) Canada

(C) Chile

(D) Russia

19. After spending 88% of his income, a man had Rs.2160 left. Find his income:

(A) Rs.18000

(B) Rs.19000

(C) Rs.20,000

(D) 22,000

20. Fill in the blank with suitable preposition: He will not apologize _____ you for he did, as he is acted in good faith.

(A) To

(B) For

(C) By

(D) With

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