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Before going to PPSC and FPSC exams you should prepare all the important topics of general knowledge. Nuclear age is one of them. All these MCQs related to nuclear age collected from authentic source and well arranged. 

Nuclear Age MCQs General Knowledge

Nuclear Age MCQs. The entire Nuclear Age MCQs asked in previous exams. is most accurate source of exam preparation, specially PPSC, CSS, PMS, SPSC,KPPSC.

1. USA exploded its first atomic bomb in the New Mexico desert on

(a) 16th August, 1945

(b) 16th July, 1945

(c) 6th September, 1945

(d) 25th September, 1945

Option (b) 16th July, 1945

2. First Atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945 and second Atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on

(a) 10th August, 1945

(b) 16th September, 1945

(c) 9th August, 1945

(d) 19th June, 1945

Option (c) 9th August, 1945

3. Which country exploded its first atom bomb on 29th August, 1949?

(a) Soviet Union 

(b) China

(c) France                              

(d) Germany

Option (a) Soviet Union 

4. Which country detonated its nuclear bomb in the northwest coast of Australia in 1952?

(a) USA                                              

(b) Israel

(c) South Africa                      

(d) U.K

Option (d) U.K

5. Why two persons named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in electric chair in 1953 after being found guilty of steeling US nuclear secrets and passing them to

(a) Soviet Union 

(b) China

(c) Germany                          

(d) France

Option (a) Soviet Union 

6. Which country exploded its first hydrogen bomb on Christmas Island in Indian Ocean in 1957?

(a) Britain 

(b) USA

(c) Soviet Union                     

(d) France

Option (a) Britain 

7. Which country exploded its atom bomb in the Sahara desert on 13 February 1960?

(a) Germany                          

(b) USA

(c) France 

(d) Britain

Option (c) France 

8. Cuban missile crises which brought the world to the brink of nuclear war ended which Soviet Union promised to dismantle nuclear missiles in

(a) 1961                                              

(b) 1962

(c) 1963                                              

(d) 1964

Option (b) 1962

9. Partial Test Ban Treaty was agreed upon by USA and Soviet Union in

(a) 1961                                              

(b) 1962

(c) 1963    

(d) 1964

Option (c) 1963    

10. China exploded its first nuclear bomb on

(a) 16 October 1964 

(b) 16 March 1964

(c) 16 March 1969     

(d) 17 April 1966

Option (a) 16 October 1964 

11. In November 1969 United States and Soviet Union began talks called

(a) SALT  

(b) NPT

(c) SALT II                             


Option (a) SALT  

12. The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) came into effect aimed at preventing further spread of nuclear weapon was reached in

(a) 5 April 1971                      

(b) 5 June 1969

(c) 5 March 1970       

(d) December 1971

Option (c) 5 March 1970       

13. On 18 May 1974, India exploded first nuclear device under the code name of

(a) Operation Blue Star

(b) Operation Smiling Budha

(c) Operation Glorata

(d) Operation Stealth

Option (b) Operation Smiling Budha

14. Which treaty was signed by United States and Soviet Union restricting offensive nuclear weapons in June 1979?

(a) SALT                                            


(c) PTBT                                            

(d) NPT

Option (b) SALT II

15. Chernobyl reactor where the world’s worst nuclear accident took place in

(a) Azerbaijan             

(b) Ukraine

(c) Turkmenistan                   

(d) Georgia

Option (b) Ukraine

16. President Bush and President Gorbachov signed a treaty slashing US and Soviet Nuclear arsenals by about one-third. The treaty is called?

(a) SALT                                             


(c) START 

(d) None of them

Option (c) START 

17. When did South Africa for the first time acknowledge that it had made nuclear bombs

(a) June 1992             

(b) March 1991

(c) August 1993                     

(d) November 1994

Option (b) March 1991

18. Where it was decided by the world nations to make 26 years old Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) permanent

(a) 21st May 1994      

(b) 15th June 1995

(c) 11th May 1995 

(d) 6th February 1994

Option (c) 11th May 1995 

19. Which country conducted underground nuclear test just days after the successful confirmation of the NPT?

(a) Soviet Union                     

(b) China

(c) France                              

(d) None of them

Option (b) China

20. When did France conduct its 6th and final nuclear test?

(a) 27th January 1996

(b) 7th February 1995

(c) 28th January 1995

(d) 21st June 1996

Option (a) 27th January 1996

21. South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty was signed by United States, Britain and

(a) Soviet Union                     

(b) China

(c) France  

(d) Germany

Option (c) France  

22. When did India conduct three underground nuclear tests in the western desert state of Rajasthan?

(a) 9th May 1998

(b) 2nd May 1998

(c) 12th May 1998

(d) 11th and 13th May 1998

Option (d) 11th and 13th May 1998

23. On 28th May and 30th May Pakistan conducted five and one successful nuclear tests in Chaghi in the year

(a) 1999                                              

(b) 1997

(c) 1998


24. UN General Assembly approved Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on

(a) 10th September 1966

(b) 20th September 1965

(c) 25th September 1964

(d) 12th September 1967

Option (a) 10th September 1966

25. Russia is likely to destroy its ‘Mir’ space station in near future owing to”

(a) Technical faults

(b) Financial constraints

(c) Completion of its task

(d) Completion of its life

Option (b) Financial constraints

26. The US government has initiated a nuclear missile defence shield programme by the name of:

(a) National Missile Defence

(b) International Missile Defence System

(c) Antiballistic Missile Shield

(d) Intercontinental Missile Defence System

Option (a) National Missile Defence

27. When North Korea refused to allow inspector access to its nuclear sites

(a) 12th March 1993

(b) 16th March 1993

(c) 16th April 1993     

(d) 19th April 1993

Option (a) 12th March 1993

28. When North Korea’s programme of the enrichment of Uranium was publicized?

(a) September 2001   

(b) October 2002

(c) November 2003   

(d) December 2004

Option (b) October 2002

29. When North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty(NPT)?

(a) 10th January 2003

(b) 15th January 2003

(c) 20th January 2003

(d) 25th January 2003

Option (a) 10th January 2003

30. When North Korea announced that it has nuclear weapons and will soon be carrying out a nuclear test to demonstrate this capability?

(a) 25th March 2003  

(b) 25th April 2003

(c) 15th July 2003                  

(d) 28th August 2003

Option (d) 28th August 2003

31. When Korea was divided into North Korea and South Korea?

(a) 1947                                              

(b) 1948

(c) 1949                                              


Option (b) 1948

32. Name the undeclared nuclear weapon state of the world

(a) Germany                          

(b) Japan

(c) South Korea                     

(d) Israel

Option (d) Israel

33. When North Korea exploded its first nuclear bomb?

(a) 6th October 2006

(b) 9th October 2006

(c) 11th October 2006

(d) 14th October 2006

Option (b) 9th October 2006

34. After North Korea’s nuclear explosion, what is the current number of nuclear states including Israel?

(a) 6                                                    

(b) 7

(c) 8                                                    

(d) 9

Option (d) 9

35. Who was the president of North Korea at the time of nuclear explosion?

(a) Hong Song Nam

(b) Goh Kun

(c) Marshal Kim Jong II

(d) Soe-Wen Jong Kim

Option (c) Marshal Kim Jong II

36. In 2011,______of the world’s electricity came from nuclear power.

(a) 5%                                    

(b) 10%

(c) 20%                                              

(d) 12%

Option (d) 12%

Nuclear Age MCQs. The entire Nuclear Age MCQs asked in previous exams. is most accurate source of exam preparation, specially PPSC, CSS, PMS, SPSC,KPPSC.

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