Labour Inspector BS-14 (Labour and Human Resource Department) PPSC Past Paper 2019

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PPSC Past Paper 2019 Labour Inspector BS-14
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All PPSC Past Papers 2019 are available on Clickans. Students can read and prepare yourself for competitive exams. PPSC Past Paper 2019 Labour Inspector BS-14 was held for the recruitment of Labour Inspector in Labour and Human Resource Department. Student must need to read it three times and make their own one liner notes for exam revisions.

PPSC Past Paper 2019

1 When was the Constitution of 1973 enforced?

(A) 10 April, 1973

(B) 14 August 1973

(C) 10 March 1973

 (D) 10 August 1973

2  Bile is stored in:

 (B) Kidney

(A) Liver

(C) Gall Bladder

(D) Intestine

3 Motto of Red Crossis:

 (A) Charity Everywhere

(B) Charity in Peace

(C) Help in War

(D) Charity in War

4 Who was not a member of the 1 Cabinet of Pakistan?

(A) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

(B) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

(C) Jogendra Nath Mandal

(D) Malik Ghulam Muhammad

5 Second constitution of Pakistan was enforced on ?

(A) 14 August

(B) 1st March

(C) 8 June

(D) 27 October

6 How many feathers are fixed in the base shuttlecock with respect to badminton game?

(A) 17

(B) 16

(C) 18

(D) 20

7 Which short cut key is used to insert a new slide in power point presentation?

(A) Ctrl+ M

(B) Ctrl +S

(C) Ctrl + B

(D) Ctrl+ N

8 Bagram Air base is in

(A) Balochistan Pakistan

(B) Iran

(C) Afghanistan

(D) Tajikistan

9 What is the length of badminton court for Single competition?

(A) 13.40 m

(B) 16.2 m

(C) 14.63 m

(D) 13.80 m

10. Ahmad Mujtaba, an up and coming sports star from Quetta, recently won a prestigious championship in Feather Weight class. In which game did he win?

(A) Boxing

(B) Wrestling

(C) Taekwondo

(D) Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

11. Province having largest coastline:

(A) Punjab

(B) Baluchistan

(C) Sindh

(D) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

12. The last King of Afghanistan was:

(A) Habibullah Khan

(B) Muhammad Zahir Shah

(C) Sardar Daud Khan

(D) Amanullah Khan

13. The only Vice President in the history of Pakistan was

(A) Skindar Mirza

 (B) Ghulam Muhammad

(C) Nur-ul-Amin

(D) Lord Mayo

PPSC Past Paper 2019 Assistant Sub Inspector BS -11 2019 (Punjab Police Department)

14. The war of Independence started at

(B) Maysoor

(A) Delhi

(D) Meerut

(C) Lahore

15. Total area of Pakistan?

(A) 686096 sq/km

(B)  596090 sq/km

(C)  776086 sq/km

(D)  796096 sq/km

16. The largest Princely State by area at the time of partition was

(A) Hyderabad (Deccan)

(B) Kashmir

(C) Bahawalpur

(D) Bhopal

17. In 1916, the joint session of All India Muslim League and Indian National Congress was held at:

(A) Bombay

(B) Aligarh

(C) Luck now

(D) Shimla

18. Which party started Quit India Movement:-

(A) Congress

(B) All India Muslim league

(C) Unionist Party

(D) Republican Party

19 The Mopla uprising/revolt in 1921 against the British colonial power in India, was:

(A) For getting release of their detained companions

(B) To protest against the Rowlat Act

(C) To lend support to the Khilafat Movement

(D) On account of a fishing dispute in Malabar site.

20. Amazon is a best example of

(A) Social Networking

(B) E-Commerce

(C) Entertainment

(D) Blogging