Introduction to Biology: Zoology & Botany MCQs for Educator Jobs

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Zoology & Botany MCQs for Educators
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As you know the educators jobs are coming. Students are worried, how to prepare for educators jobs? Clickans is providing their services here free of cost. All the MCQs collected from different sources. Biology portion has 12 chapters and each chapter have multiple choice questions. Zoology & Botany MCQs collected according to the new PPSC paper pattern.

Zoology & Botany MCQs are the best for educators jobs. Best Biology paper preparation source for teaching and lecturers. PPSC is going to conduct educators jobs in Punjab and having more than 30 thousand vacancies. Student can prepare Biology portion from

Zoology & Botany MCQs

1. What is the unit of life? 

(a)  Sub-atoms 

(b) Atom

(c) Cell

(d) Tissue 

2. _____is the study of animals?

(a) Exobiology

(b) Eugenics

(c) Zoology

(d) Anthropology

3. A structure formed by groups of similar cells, bundles performing similar functions is called as: 

(a) An organ

(b) An organism

(c) A Tissue

(d) A Cell

4. The name animal is derived from the word 

(a) Anima

(b) Anemia

(c) Aname

(d) All of these

5. Characteristic of simple epithelium is that they 

(a) Are arranged indiscriminately

(b) Continue to divide and help in organ function 

(c) Make a definite layer

(d) None of above

6. The number species of organisms currently known to science is 

(a) 3500,000

(b) 3,500

(c) 2,500,000

(d) 2,500,000

7. So far over ______ of species of animals are known till date? 

(a) 1/2 million

(b) 1 million

(c) 3/2 million

(d) 2 million

8. Which of the following category is most general, with its members least resembling with each other than the other categories? 

(a) Species

(b) Genus

(c) Family

(d) Order

9. Robert Whittaker placed the organisms that live mostly by ingesting food and digesting it within in special cavities in: 

(a) Monera

(b) Protista

(c) Plantae

(d) Animalia

10. Five kingdom classification was proposed by:

(a) Carlous Linnaeus

(b) E-Chatton

(c) Robert Whittaker

(d) Karlene Shwartz

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