How Much Does a Cedar Shake Roof Cost – 2024 Ultimate Guide

How Much Does a Cedar Shake Roof Cost

For glamorous and reliable roofing, the search usually narrows down to cedar shake roofs. Exceptionally beautiful as well as sturdy, cedar shakes give any home an antique look and today’s home a traditional look. How much is a cedar shake roof cost then?

However, an informed choice calls for a precise understanding of the cost implications to the homeowner. This guide debunks the expenses that come with cedar shake roofs in view of the latest trends and pricing in the roofing industry.

What are Cedar Shake Roofs?

Cedar shake roofs remain a sought-after option among homeowners who think that their home could benefit from an appealing roof with staying power. Cedar shake roofs are made of real cedar wood that is split into thin sections which create roofing shingles or “shakes.” Shakes give homes rustic warmth and charm.

The most significant difference between standard shingles and cedar shakes is that the latter are hand-split, producing a much more nostalgic, organic look. Historically, cedar shakes were chosen because of how easy they are to come by and how simply they could be produced, however modern-day homeowners and architects alike select them just for their own sake, as they bring a certain kind of charm to a building that only a shake can.

What are Cedar Shake Roofs

Moreover, cedar shake roofs are all weather force resistant and can persist for about 30 years if conserved the way they should be. However, for one to fit this kind of roof at home, a homeowner has to bear with provocation even after understanding how better the cedar shake roofs compared to others at having some cons since they are expensive in the first place thus guiding us to the following: “How much does a cedar shake roof cost?”

Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofs

  • Durability and Longevity: Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and elements of weather, thus making it last longer as a roofing material. With regular and proper maintenance, expect the cedar shake roof material to exceed anywhere between 30-40 years.
  • Natural Insulation Properties: Cedar wood has natural properties of insulation. The element keeps homes cool in summer and warm during the winter. This directly contributes to energy savings over the life of a roof.
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Versatile: There can be no doubt that cedar shakes have a natural beauty. These shakes can fit with all the available architectural styles, taking up the stains and finishes to match one’s aesthetic need.
  • Environmental Impact: There are many reasons that make cedar shakes an environmentally sound roofing choice. One is that the materials come from natural, renewable resources and finally, at the end of their service life, they can be fully biodegraded because they are themselves completely organic.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Cedar Shake Roofs

The cost of a cedar shake roof depends on several factors:

  • Quality and Type of Cedar: It could be Western Red Cedar or Eastern White Cedar, for instance.
  • Roof Size and Complexity: The larger more complex styles would require more materials and labor, thus an increase in the cost.
  • Geographic Location: Prices are set with region meaning that while one sits out in a remote country location what drives up costs could be using lesser-known and rarer cedar products as much as subscribing to the style of latest trendy skyscrapers.
  • Labor Cost: Cedar shakes installation works are labor-intensive and take many skilled craftsmen, thereby increasing the cost of the project.

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of installing a cedar shake roof. On top of these factors is size since on average the larger the roof, the more the materials and time taken to complete work on it. Secondly, there is the design or rather architecture of the roof. If the roof is multi-leveled or of complex design, it will definitely consume more time and higher skills hence hiking a lot in price money.

Another factor is definitely about the quality of the cedar shakes. The quality from one to another cedar shake is not all the same, and therefore the price will be determined with its quality. If it has high quality which being attributed because of its durability and also the way of its look definitely will cost more than those provided with a lower quality.

Finally, the region of residence also has an effect on the cost. Places where there is a native cedar wood might attract lower costs as compared to those places where cedar needs importing. The shipping of it would indirectly have an effect on the price for its cost.

Average Cost of Cedar Shake Roofing per Square Foot

However, it should be noted that the above factors will impact significantly on the average cost of the cedar shake roofing. Nonetheless, the range for most of the homeowners on the materials should be between $6.5 and $15 per square foot. This does not include the labor that will also vary with the complexity of the job and the rates from the roofing contractor.

Until installation, the total amount from buying to installing a cedar shake roof can range from $17,000 to $26,000 for an average-sized home. Keep in mind these are average figures and the price can be higher or lower depending on your particular situation.

Average Cost of Cedar Shake Roofing per Square Foot

Knowing how much does a cedar shake roof cost means thorough examination of basic components:

  • 2024 Average Cost Range: The average cost of installing a cedar shake roof runs between $6.50 and $15.00 per square foot depending on the quality and the size of the roof being redone as well as your geographical location within the country.
  • Comparison with Other Roofing Materials: Cedar shakes are usually more expensive than the most widely-used roofing material, the asphalt shingle. They are also less expensive in comparison to luxury materials like the slate or metal.
  • Materials, Labour, and Additional Costs: The cost breakdown in terms of percentage would majorly be attributed to the cedar shakes themselves depending on quality and type. A notable portion of the cost is directly impacted by labour mainly because it involves skilled craftsmen. There could also be additional costs including underlayment, flashing, gutters, and any structural attack or augmentation that needed to handle the weight of the shakes.

Cost Cedar Shake Roofs vs. Other Roofing Materials

Cost comparisons against the other roofing alternatives like asphalt shingles help. For example, the cost of asphalt shingles is much cheaper at a price ranging from $100 up to $200 for a square, but it offers neither the beauty nor their longevity as cedar shakes provide.

Metal roofs, on the other hand, can cost as little as $200 to $900 per square but are durable and maintenance-free. Finally, slates acclaimed of unbeatable strength and premium aesthetics come at a cost ranging from $800 to $1,600 per square but require an extremely strong structural support owing to its weight.

Maintenance and Longevity of Cedar Shake Roofs

Regular maintenance will go a long way to maximizing the life and appearance of your cedar shake roof:

  • Maintenance: There is some kind of maintenance required for cedar shakes, whether cleaning, clearing off debris, or prevention of any moss or algae growth. Replace all the shakes that are lost, that have gaps, or that split as quickly as possible.
  • Plan Treatments and Inspections: Treatment to protect a cedar roof away from ultraviolet light, moisture, and pests assists in extending the lifespan. Engaging professionals for periodical inspections will determine possible ones to treat them at interventions.
  • Lifespan Compared with Other Material: A properly maintained cedar shake roof can last 40 years, longer than an average asphalt shingle but generally shorter lifespans than metal or slate.

Maintenance Costs of Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar Shake Roofs are appealing and, in addition to this, very durable. It requires a greater deal of maintenance compared to the other types of roofing material available in the market. The maintenance is to be done so as to increase the life span of the roof and also retain its natural good appearance.

Maintenance Costs of Cedar Shake Roofs

Common care tasks include periodical cleaning to keep moss and algae from getting a foothold and treatment of the wood to increase its resistance to insect infestations and weathering. In no very long time, you may be required to replace shakes especially in places where there are severe weather conditions and that will cost you much more.

On average, you may have to spend between $300 and $600 every year maintaining the roof depending on the size and the condition of the roof.

Is Investing in a Cedar Shake Roof Worth It?

Whether to make the decision to invest in a Cedar Shake Roof or not then is something that shouldn’t be made in void but weighed with its pros and cons. Speaking of advantages, these are highly resistant roofs, they insulate very well and, their rough style can add value to your place’s look.

However, higher installation and maintenance costs can be downsides for some homeowners that, along with a needed regular upkeep, can make the process more expensive.

Moreover, since the cedar shake roofs are more combustible than other materials unless the shakes are treated with fire retardants and then coated with sealers, they are most likely to promote causes of fire outbreaks. With all these set before you about cedar shakes roofs, making a decision about whether or not a Cedar Shake Roof is your pick will be an informed decision.

Installation Process and Choosing the Right Contractor

A proper installation is key to the longevity of a cedar shake roof:

  • Process of Installation: The process mainly comprises preparing the roof deck, some sort of underlaying, and then should be installing each and every cedar shake properly whereby nailing it close.
  • Get a Qualified Contractor: Find a contractor who has experience with cedar shake roofs, is licensed, well-reviewed. Make sure his insurance is in effect and ask him for references before hiring out.
  • Questions to Ask Before Hiring: On his experience with cedar roofs, duration for the process, contingencies and additional costs in case there would be some complications.

Challenges and Solutions

Cedar shake roofs, while durable, can face specific challenges:

  • General Factors: Roof absorbs moisture and this further leads to more wood rot. Termites are attracted quite easily so this type of roofing has enough number of infestations. The most common problem with cedar shakes is cracking or splitting over time.
  • Preventive Measures: Regular inspection as well as maintenance needs to be carried out. Protection from moisture is brought about by application of water-repellant preservatives, whereas pest problems are minimized through treatments for insect resistance. Proper installation as well as ventilation also hold key towards minimizing these issues.
  • Solutions: A prompt response in addressing the issues when they arise is imperative that includes replacement of damaged shakes at earliest convenience while ensuring that proper ventilation is in place to minimize moisture build up under the roof.


In conclusion, cedar shake roofs are quite an investment and it is not only because of the natural beauty they give your home but also their durability. The costs will vary widely due to numerous factors that include the type of cedar, region, installation as well as maintenance.

Averagely, the cost per square foot is something one cannot afford to ignore. With these costs drivers, maintenance requirements, and importance of the right contractor, your investment in a cedar shake roof can surely pay back handsomely.

Lastly, relating the costs of a cedar shake roof with other roofing materials further clarifies on cost-effectiveness. Eventually, this information can enable homeowners to make the best choice. Like with all kind of significant home improvement, it is advised to consult professionals in order to customize your choices for your needs and circumstances.

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