General Knowledge Set-09

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General Knowledge Set-09
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Now a days each has a general knowledge portion. PPSC and FPSC exams designed in such a way, one cannot achieve merit without doing GK preparation. Clickans provides you general knowledge set-09, which is for the first day of you preparation. Doing regular can help you to achieve marks within merit.

All the MCQs of this general knowledge set-09 collected from authentic sources. Each of the set has 30 MCQs. A little dose can help you a lot. Prepare all the MCQs and remember for exam days.

General Knowledge Set-09

1. Shandur Pass connects Chitral with

(A) Bannu

(B) Hunza

(C) Gilgit

(D) Skardu

2. What is the harm from the depletion of Earth’s Ozone Layer?

(A) The average operation of the Earth’s surface will increase gradually

(B) The oxygen content of the atmosphere will decrease

(C) Increased amount of UV rays will reach Earth’s surface

(D) Sea levels will rise as the glaciers caps will gradually melt

3. The national airlines of Indonesia is Garuda. What does Garuda stand for?

(A) Name of Indonesian Rhino

(B) National flower of Indonesia

(C) A large bird in Hindu mythology

(D) None of these

4. Which member of Ashra Mubashra was the son of Hzrat Safia Bint-e-Abdul Mutlb (R.A. )?

(A) Hazrat Zubair (R.A)

(B) Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)

(C) Hazrat Usman (R.A)

(D) Hazrat Zaid (R.A)

5. Answering a received E-mail is called an E-mail.

(A) Read

(B) Reply

(C) Write

(D) Compose

6. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an example of:

(A) Vector graphics

(B) Raster graphics or bitmaps

(C) Color graphics

(D) Negative films

7. Vienna is a city located on the bank of river

(A) Seine

(B) Danube

(C) Eibe

(D) Rhino

8. Rene Francois Armand received 1 Nobel Prize in

(A) Literature

(B) Peace

(C) Physics

(D) Chemistry

9. Pakistan exploded atom bomb on:

(A) May 28, 1998

(B) May 28, 1999

(C) May 28, 2000

(D) None of these

10. Which part of the computer is called “brain of the computer”:

(A) Compiler

(B) Central Processing Unit

(C) Visual display unit

(D) None of these

11. Egypt is situated in the continent of:

(A) Africa

(B) Asia

(C) Europe

(D) None of these

12. Which one of the following rivers is not a tributary of Indus River?

(A) Ravi

(B) Jhelum

(C) Beas

(D) Jumna

13. Subadar Abdul Khaliq was famous for his achievements in:

(A) Swimming 

(B) Athletics

(C) Boxing

(D) Snooker

14. Dynamite was invented by

(A) Alfred Nobel

(B) Thomas Edison

(C) William Davis

(D) None of these

15. Complete the ldiom/Proverb: East or West_________ the best.

(A) Rest

(B) Playground

(C) Village

(D) Home

16. 30% of 100 is equal to 3% of:

(A) 500

(B) 300

(C) 750

(D) 1000

17. Those that are liable to pay Zakat are known as

(A) Wealthy members of society

(B) Influential persons

(C) Affluent persons

(D) Sahib-e-Nisab

18. In computer science, Half – byte is also known as

(A) Four bits

(B) Word

(C) Nibble

(D) All of these

19. Name the capital of Cuba.

(A) Santiago

(B) La paz

(C) Havana

(D) Caracas

20. Which country is famous for sprinters?

(A) United States

(B) England

(C) Spain

(D) None of these

21. Human Rights Day is observed on

(A) 10th September each year

(B) 10th October each year

(C) 10th November each year

(D) 10th December each year

22. (-3)3 =?


(B) +27

(C) +9

(D) -9

23. Splitting of light into its constituent colours is known as:

(A) Reflection

(B) Refraction

(C) Prismatics

(D) Dispersion

24. Synonym of “Contraband’ is:

(A) Illicit

(B) Coincidence

(C) Contradict

(D) Legal

25. Amir Khusro was the disciple of

(A) Hazrat Nazamuddin

(B) Moinuddin Chisthi

(C) Ganj Shakkar

(D) Hazrat Ali Hajveri

26. The second highest mountain peak in the world,”Goodwin Austin” is located in

(A) Nepal

(B) Bhutan

(C) Pakistan

(D) Afghanistan

27. Which Asian country has long been known as the crossroads of Central Asia?

(A) India

(B) Chinna

(C) Iran

(D) Afghanistan

28. Complete the number series: 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41,-

(A) 47

(B) 43

(C) 51

(D) 53

29. “Macular degeneration” is a disease of the:

(A) Nervous system

(B) Brain

(C) Eye

(D) Inner Ear

30. The first female Governor of the Sindh province, was:

(A) Begum Afifia

(B) Begum Hidayatullah

(C) Begum Hameeda Haroon

(D) Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali

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