General Knowledge Set-07

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General Knowledge Set-07
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Now a days each has a general knowledge portion. PPSC and FPSC exams designed in such a way, one cannot achieve merit without doing GK preparation. Clickans provides you general knowledge set-07, which is for the first day of you preparation. Doing regular can help you to achieve marks within merit.

All the MCQs of this general knowledge set-07 collected from authentic sources. Each of the set has 30 MCQs. A little dose can help you a lot. Prepare all the MCQs and remember for exam days.

General Knowledge Set-07

1. What is the synonym of Disparate?

(A) Different

(B) Anxious

(C) Afraid

(D) Excited

2. Which is the largest desert in the world?

(A) Sahara

(B) Thar

(C) Dasht-i-Lut

(D) Gobi

3. Molasses is a byproduct of _____factory.

(A) Sugar

(B) Fertilizer

(C) Banaspati Ghee

(D) Cotton seed oil

4. Hijaz mountains are found in:

(A) Saudi Arabia

(B) Iran

(C) Iraq

(D) Kuwait

5. “Qucik Time” is a:

(A) Forum

(B) Website

(C) News agency

(D) Media Player

6. “Attan” is a traditional dance. It is a popular in which of the following cultures?

(A) Pashtun

(B) Kashmir

(C) Sindhi

(D) Punjabi

7. The first census of Pakistan took place in:

(A) 1948

(B) 1951

(C) 1972

(D) 1961

8. Choose the correct preposition in the following sentences: Employers are busy people and they do not have time to wade thirty page resume

(A) Through

(B) On

(C) In

(D) Off

9. What category of functions is used in this formula? = PMT (C10/12, C8, C9, 1)

(A) Logical

(B) Financial

(C) Payment

(D) Statistical

10. Which country is located at the North of the Arabian Sea?

(A) Iran.

(B) Pakistan

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of these

11. In MS Word 2007, to select the previous cell’s Contents, press.

(A) ALT + A




12. Which of the following is not a PowerPoint View?

(A) Slide show View

(B) Slide view

(C) Presentation View

(D) Outline view

13. Who was Zaid bin Haris?

(A) First Muslim among Ansars

(B) First Muslim among Muhajirin

(C) First Muslim among Prisoners

(D) First Muslim among Slaves

14. How many feathers are fixed in the base shuttlecock with respect to badminton game?

(A) 17

(B) 16

(C) 18

(D) 20

15. Which of the following has the status of an observer state of the United Nations?

(A) Kosovo

(B) South Sudan

(C) Holy See

(D) East Timor

16. Ashkhabad is the capital of:

(A) Armenia

(B) Turkmenistan

(D) Bosnia

(C) Azerbaljan

17. When was Quaid-e-Azam elected as the President of the First Constituent Assembly

(A) August 11, 1947

(B) August 14, 1947

(C) August 15, 1947

(D) August 16, 1947

18. A car salesman sells 42 red cars and 14 green cars. What is the ratio of red cars to green cars sold’?

(A) 1:1

(B) 3:4

(C) 2:1

(D) 3:1

19. In Word processing, what does an I –beam facilitate?

(A) Locating text

(B) Highlighting text

(C) Dragging ana selecting text

(D) Formatting text

20. Who was the dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945?

(A) Gorge Bush

(B) Peter-l

(C) Peter II

(D) Adolf Hitler

21. Which regimentof Pakistan Army has received maximum numbers of ‘Nishan-e- Haider

(A) Baluch Regiment

(B) Sind Regiment

(C) Punjab Regiment

(D) Frontier horce Regiment

22. Simplify: 37-[5 + {28-(19- 7)]

(A) 27

(B) 16

(C) 14

(D) 24

23. Who was the ruler of Jammu & Kashmir at the time of partition?

(A) Ranjeet Singh Dogra

(B) Ajeet Singh Dogra

(C) Hari Singh Dogra

(D) Jagjeet Singh Dogra

24. The longest mountain range in the world Andes’ is in:

(A) South America

(B) North America

(C) Asia

(D) Europe

25. Which number will Complete the number series: 2, 5, 12, 23, 38, 57,

(A) 76

(B) 69

(C) 80

(D) 84

26. To ensure that a graphic that you insert in a document is not distorted when you resize it, select

(A) Retain proportions

(B) Lock aspect ratio

(C) Equalize

(D) Distribute

27. In which city is the famous Wazir Khan Mosque located?

(A) Lahore

(B) Thatta

(C) Peshawar

(D) Bahawalpur

28. The shortcut key to bold the text is

(A) Ctrl+B

(B) Ctrl+V

(C) Ctrl+O

(D) Ctrl + N

29. What is the name of Hadis, which is according to the Holy Quran and reason?

(A) Hadith Sahih

(B) Hadith Qauli

(C) Hadith Mashhoor

(D) Hadith Mauzo00

30. Which file is responsible to start MS Word?

(A) Win.exe

(B) Winword.exxe

(C) Word win.exe

(D) Word.exe

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