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General Knowledge Set-02 Clickans General Knowledge
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Now a days each has a general knowledge portion. PPSC and FPSC exams designed in such a way, one cannot achieve merit without doing GK preparation. Clickans provides you general knowledge set-02, which is for the first day of you preparation. Doing regular can help you to achieve marks within merit.

All the MCQs of this general knowledge set-02 collected from authentic sources. Each of the set has 30 MCQs. A little dose can help you a lot. Prepare all the MCQs and remember for exam days.

General Knowledge Set-02

1. The tide at its maximum height is known as

(a) Tsunami

(b) Spring tide

(c) Equinoxes

(d) Neap tide

2. Where is the coldest place in the world situated? 

(a) England

(b) Greenland

(c) Russia

(d) Antarctica

3. Which place in the world has the least rainfall? 

(a) Africa

(b) Thar

(c) Mt.Everest

(d) Pamir

4. The International Date Line is an imaginary line extending from pole to pole along the places on the earth’s surface and lies along the

(a) 0° meridian

(b) 45° meridian

(c) 90° meridian

(d) 180° meridian

5. The speed of rotation of the earth is the highest

(a) Along the Equator

(b) Along the Tropic of Cancer

(c) Along the Arctic Circle

(d) At the North Pole

6. “Flash Point” term is related with the 

(a) Study of water

(b) Study of climate

(c) Study of Dew drops

(d) Study of rocks

7. About 50% of the world population is concentrated between the latitudes of 

(a) 5°N and 20°N

(b) 20°N and 40°N

(c) 40°N and 60°N

(d) 20°S and 40°S

8. The time at any point on the earth’s surface calculated when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky is known as 

(a) Local time

(b) Sidereal time

(c) Solar time

(d) Standard time

9. What will be the time at a place situated at 70° W when it is 4 p.m. at a place situated at 35°E? 

(a) 5 p.m.

(b) 8 p.m.

(c) 11 a.m.

(d) 9 a.m.

10. When the local time is 12.00 noon and the time at Greenwich Meridian is 8.00 a.m. The local Longitude is 

(a) 60° east

(b) 60° west

(c) 45° west

(d) 45° east


11. The Captain of Pakistan Cricket team which defeated England at the Oval in 1954 was 

(a) Fazal Mehmood

(b) Hanif Muhammad

(c) Abdul Hafeez Kardar

(d) Khan Muhammad

12. In the troposphere, the normal lapse rate, i.e., the decrease in temperature with height is of the order of

(a) 1°C for 155 meters

(b) 1°C for 160 meters

(c) 1°C for 165 meters

(d) 1°C for 170 meters

13. Blind Dolphins are found in

(a) Ganges River

(c) Yangtze River

(b) Nile River

(d) None

14. In which one of the following positions does the Earth revolve at a faster rate around the Sun? 

(a) Summer Solstice

(b) Winter Solstice

(c) Autumnal Equinox

(d) Vernal Equinox

15. If a magnetic needle is freely suspended at the geographic North Pole 

(a) The needle will remain vertical with its N-pole downward 

(b) The needle will remain almost vertical with its N-pole downward 

(c) The needle will remain vertical with its S-pole downward 

(d) The needle will remain almost vertical with its S-pole downward

16. South Pole is located in the continent of 

(a) Africa

(b) Australia 

(c) Asia

(d) Antarctica 

17. The atmospheric pressure at any place is measured by 

(a) Altimeter

(b) Pressuremeter

(c) Barometer

(d) Thermometer

18. Which mountain system lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea? 

(a) Applachians

(b) Caucasus

(c) Pyrenees

(d) Atlas

19. Which of these cities once served as the capital of Japan? 

(a) Kobe

(b) Kyoto

(c) Okinawa

(d) Sendia 

20. Which peninsula lies between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov? 

(a) Crimean

(b) lberian

(c) Kamchatka

(d) Yucatan 

21. On the banks of which river is the city of London located? 

(a) Severn

(b) Thames

(c) Avon

(d) Humber

22. Which among   the following   trees is considered the tallest in the world? 

(a) Cedar

(b) Redwood

(c) Eucalyptus

(d) Date palm 

23. Which country was earlier known as Siam? 

(a) Indonesia

(b) Somalia

(c) Thailand

(d) Myanmar

24. Which is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula? 

(a) Oman

(b) Yemen

(c) Saudi Arabia

(d) Kuwait

25. Which river forms the Grand Canyon in the 

United States? 

(a) Mississippi

(b) Hudson

(c) Colorado

(d) Columbia

26. Which of these cloud forms is found at the highest altitudes? 

(a) Billow

(b) Nacreous

(c) Noctilucent

(d) Pileus 

27. Thickness of atmosphere around the earth is 

(a) 100 km

(b) 130 km

(c) 145 km

(d) 195 km

28. Atmosphere around the earth maintains its 

(a) Temperature

(b) Pressure 

(c) Density

(d) Shape 

29. The layers of atmosphere are divided into 

(a) Two parts

(b) Three parts

(c) Four parts

(d) Five parts

30. Above the earth’s surface, troposphere extends to a height of- 

(a) 08 km

(b) 12 km

(c) 20 km

(d) 15 km

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