ESE General BS-14 Labour and human resources department PPSC Past Paper 2019

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ESE General PPSC Past Paper 2019
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61. In April 2018 the Malaria Summit was held in London by:

(A) World Health Organization

(B) American Thoracic Society

(C) American Society for Microbiology

(D) Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation

62. Choose the correct form of verb: She asked me if I wanted to go to the theatre, but____ I in the garden the whole day and all I wanted to do was go to bed.

(A) Was working

(B) Had worked

(C) Had been working

(D) Worked

63. Background colour on a document is not visible in:

(A) Web Preview

(B) Print Preview

(C) Reading Preview

 (D) Editing Preview

64. Which of the planet is closest to the Sun?

(A) Mercury

(B) Venus

(C) Mars

(D) Earth

65. Jogendra Nath Mandal was the

(A) First Foreign Minister of India

(B) Assassin of Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi

(C) First Minister of Minorities of Pakistan

(D) First Law and Labour Minister of Pakistan

66. Who took over as the Prime Minister of the United kingdom following David Cameron’s decision to step down after the Brexit vote?

(A) David Miliband

(B) Theresa May

(C) Andrea Leadsom

 (D) Ben Johnson

67. The nation of ____through the scourge of floods.

(A) Hazrat Loot (A.S)

(B) Hazrat yaqoob (AS)

(C) Hazrat Noah (A.S)

(D) None of these

68. What do you understand by the disease “Insomnia”

(A) Inability to sleep

(B) Colour blindness

(C) Depression

(D) None of these

69. Tripoli is the capital of:

(A) Burma

(B) Cyprus

(C) Libya

(D) Spain

70. In MS Word 2007 to extend a selection to the beginning of a paragraph press:





71. If A is two years older than B and B is twice as old as C. If the sum of the ages of A, B and C is 27 then how old is B?

(A) 9

(B) 10

(C) 11

(D) 12

72. Who laid the foundation stone of Quaid’s Mausoleum?

(A) Liaquat Ali Khan

 (B) Iskandar Mirza

(C) Yahya Khan

(D) Ayub Khan

73. Subedar Abdul Khaliq was famous for his achievements in:

(A) Swimming

 (B) Athletics

(C) Snooker

(D) Boxing

74. The average of 5 numbers is 42, if we include sixth number 48, then the new average will be?

(A) 44

(B) 45

(C) 43

(D) 46

75. Whom did Lord Mountbatten replace in 1947 as Viceroy of India?

(A) Lord Irwin

(B) Lord Curzon

(C) Sir Stafford Cripps

(D) Lord Wavell

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76. Optical Fibre system is mainly utilized in:

(A) Telecommunication system

(B) Eye operation

(C) Air raid system

(D) Defence system

77. Takht Bahi, an ancient historical site is located in:

(A) Punjab

(B) Sindh

(C) K.P.K

(D) Balochistan

78. Choose the correct sentence that best represents the reported speech. He said to me, “Not to smoke.

(A) He asked me to no smoking

(B) He said to me that I was not allowed to smoke

(C) He forbade me to smoke

(D) He stopped smoking

79. Choose the correct ‘sentence that best represents the reported speech. He said to me, “You should work hard to pass the exam.

(A) He advised me that I should work hard to pass the exam

(B) He told me that he would work hard to pass the exam

(C) He said to me that one should work diligently to pass the exam

(D) He advised to me that he could work hard to pass the exam

80. A word template stores common document:

(A) Content

(B) Structure

(C) Style

(D) Theme