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Deputy Direct FIA 2008 Past Paper
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81. Dasht River is located in

(a) KPK

(b) Punjab

(c) Sindh

(d) Baluchistan

82. Nanga Parbat mountain is present in:

(a) Karakoram

(b) Himalaya

(c) Andies

(d) Hindukush

83. The highest plateau of the world is:

(a) Potohar plateau

(b) Balochistan plateau

(c) Pamir Plateau (Tibat)

(d) Dacan plateau

Directions: Each of the following questions consists of a word or phrase which is italicized bold in the sentence given. It is followed by certain words or phrases. Select the word or phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the italicized bold word or phrase.

84. He has a superficial knowledge of the subject.

(a) Wide

(b) Excessive

(c) Sufficient

(d) Profound

85. His style of writing is quite verbose.

(a) Lucid

(b) Comical

(c) Unusual

(d) Succinct

86. His smooth manners endeared him to everyone.

(a) Hard

(b) Rough

(c) Gruff

(d) Tough

87. Everybody called it a lavish party

(a) Expensive

(b) Frugal

(c) Wasteful

(d) Big

88. His interpretation of the poem is superficial

(a) Mystical

(b) Profound

(c) Difficult

(d) Mysterious

89. Should communicate the date of the meeting to all the members?

(a) Yield

(b) Conceal

(c) Refrain

(d) Withhold

90. The comely young girt proved to be a good receptionist.

(a) Inexperienced

(b) Unattractive

(c) Depressed

(d) Gloomy

Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the italicized bold part of the sentence

91. He was a vulpine person and so avoided by his neighbors.

(a) Indolent

(b) Miserly

(c) Haughty

(d) Crafty

92. The prisoner made an abortive attempt to escape from the jail.

(a) Courageous

(b) Futile

(c) Illegal

(d) Furtive

93. A reliable friend is the gift of God.

(a) Helpful

(6) Dependable

(c) Honest

(d) True

94. The great dancer impressed the appreciative crowd by his nimble movements.

(a) Subtle

(b) Clear

(c) Quickening

(d) Lively

(e) unrythmic

95. Wisdom seems to have got lost in a welter of knowledge.

(a) Confusion

(b) Height

(c) Clarity

(d) Sacrifice

96. The story began in an eerie situation.

(a) Dangerous

(b) Thrilling

(c) Wonderful

(d) Strange

(e) Dismaying

97. War was not the only inevitable means to decide that dispute.

(a) Indefinite

(b) Imminent

(c) Unavoidable

(d) Improbable

98. The tinned food that we bought in the way was all tainted and spoiled.

(a) Contaminated

(b) Rotten

(c) Adulterated

(d) Noxious

99. We must not take his facetious remarks very seriously.

(a) Amusing

(b) Critical

(c) Casual

(d) Flippantly humorous

100.My uncle was so chagrined that he avoided mentioning the incident.

(a) Frustrated

(b) Disappointed

(c) Annoyed

(d) Tired

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