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Deputy Direct FIA 2008 Past Paper
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61. Who is the current chairman of APHC?

(a) Yasin Malik

(a) Umer Farooq

(c) Syed Ali Geelani

(d) Abdul Ghani

62. Kashmir Black Day is celebrated on:

(a) 5th January

(b) 5th February

(c) 27th Oct

(d) 15th October

63. Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed on?

(a) Jan 25

(b) Feb 5

(c) May 28

(d) Feb 15

64. Highest mountain peak Mount Everest is situated in

(a) Nepal

(b) India

(c) China

(d) Pakistan

65. Dhaulagiri mountains are present in:

(a) Karakoram

(b) Himalaya

(c) Andies

(d) Hindukush

66. The largest railway station of the world is:

(a) Grand Central Terminal, New York

(b) Lahore railway station, Pakistan

(c) Trans-Siberian railway station, Russia

(d) None of these

67. The largest railway station of the world is located in:

(a) New York

(b) Pakistan

(c) Russia

(d) None of these

68. Which is the smallest sea?

(a) Red Sea

(b) North Sea

(c) Mediterranean Sea

(d) Baltic Sea

69. Session Mountains mean:

(a) Youngest mountains

(b) Old mountains

(c) Tallest mountains

(d) None of these

70. What is an “iceberg?

(a) Mountain of ice in sea

(b) A largest coral

(c) Mountain of Africa

(d) None of these

71. The Trucial Coast is a former name of what political entity?

(a) Papua New Guinea

(b) United Arab Emirates

(c) Tanzania

(d) Belize

72. The Skeleton Coast lies along the shores of Namibia in southwest Africa. What European country originally colonized Namibia?

(a) Germany

(b) Portugal

(c) Belgium

(d) United Kingdom

73. XLIX is the Roman numerals for which number?

(a) 119

(b) 121

(c) 49

(d) 99

74. In cooking, what is béarnaise?

(a) a method of sautéing vegetables

(b) a marinade of lemon juice, French herbs and olive oil

(c) a French eclair-like pastry

(d) a type of sauce

75. What does the ‘P.T’ stand for in famous showman P.T. Barnum’s name?

(a) Phillip Thomas

(b) Phineas Taylor

(c) Peter Todd

(d) Phileas Trott

76. Banquo and Fleance were characters in which Shakespearean tragedy?

(a) King Lear

(b) Hamlet

(c) Othello

(d) Macbeth

77. What was the name of the river in Italy that Julius Caesar crossed in 49 B.C., which caused the citizens of Rome to fear that he was going to attack and impose his dictatorship after his conquest of Gaul?

(a) The Tiber

(b) The Rubicon

(c) The Po

(d) The Ravenna

78. Hemoglobin caries and absorbs what in the human bloodstream?

(a) Iron

(b) Oxygen

(c) Copper

(d) Carbon Dioxide

79. A common nickname for New Orleans is:

(a) Square City

(b) Circle City

(c) Crescent City

(d) Triangle City

80. Before becoming Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Robert McNamara was president of what large corporation?

(a) Coca Cola

(b) The World Bank

(c) Ford Motor Company

(d) Unicef

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