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Deputy Direct FIA 2008 Past Paper
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41. Who was the founder of Umayyad dynasty?

(a) Yazid

(b) Marwan

(c) Mu’awiya (RA)

(d) Walid I

42. “Big Five (USA, UK, France, Italy and Japan) are related with:

(a) Worid War

(b) Wold War II

(c) UNO

(d) None of these

43. What is the total length of Gwadar Motorway?

(a) 605 Km

(b) 895 Km

(c) 933 Km

(d) 1105 Km

43. NPT stands for?

(a) Non-Proliferation Treaty

(b) National Protection Treaty

(c) National Protection Treaty

(d) Non-Resident Protection Treaty

44. Which treaty is offering face-saving device to P-5 and G-8 Countries?

(a) NNWS

(b) NPT

(c) CTBT

(d) CBM

45. When Pakistan became the 35th member on Board of Governors of International Atomic Energy Agency?

(a) Jan 1, 2007

(b) April 16, 2007

(c) May 15, 2007

(d) June 30, 2007

46. Chashma Nuclear Power Plant was constructed with the help of China to produce power?

(a) 500 MW

(b) 150 MW

(c) 200 MW

(d) 325 MW

47. Who said “Do not judge a man by his opinions, but by what his opinions have made him”?

(a) Benjamin Franklin

(b) General Douglas MacArthur

(c) Abraham Lincoln

(d) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

48. Which tennis tournament is played on a natural grass court?

(a) The U.S. Open

(b) The Australian Open

(c) The French Open

(d) Wimbledon

49. What country started construction of the Panama Canal?

(a) United States

(b) France

(c) England

(d) Panama

50. A shift in the frequency of sound waves, higher as they approach, and lower as they recede from you, is called what?

(a) Theory of Motion

(b) Doppler Effect

(c) Static Kineses

(d) Ambulatory Crossover

51. This internationally known psychic got his/her psychic abilities after sustaining a brain injury by falling off a ladder. Who was it?

(a) Jean Shepard

(b) Amelia Tibbs

(c) The Great Kreskin

(d) Peter Hurkos

52. In poker, what’s known as a “Dead Man’s Hand’?

(a) A Flush

(b) A pair of Aces and Eights

(c) A pair of 2s and 3s

(d) Four Aces

53. Donald Trump became a billionaire on his own, but he had already been born to a millionaire father. What business was his father in?

(a) Airline Executive

(b) Gambling

(c) Real Estate

(d) Stockbroker

54. In 2002, what was the most common surgical procedure for gall bladder surgery?

(a) Endoscopic surgery

(b) Hydroscopic surgery

(c) Arthroscopic surgery

(d) Laparoscopic surgery

55. Salaam bought a pair of shoes for Rs.300 and sold it Rs.370. How much profit did Salaam get?

(a) Rs.80

(b) Rs.70

(c) Rs.75

(d) Rs.20

55. All Parties Hurriyat Conference is an alliance of?

(a) 8 parties

(b) 30 parties

(c) 25 parties

(d) 23 parties

56. Out of 14 districts of J&K, the Muslim majority districts are:

(a) 10

(b) 19

(c) 15

(d) None of these

57. The percentage of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir is:

(a) 80%

(b) 85%

(c) 90%

(d) 95%

58. Who is now chief minister of occupied Kashmir?

(a) Omer Abdullah

(b) Saeeda Mufti

(c) Manmohan Sing

(d) None these

59. The first general polls held in Kashmir in:

(a) 1951

(b) 1957

(c) 1959

(d) 1955

60. Al Parties Hurriyat Conference was founded in Kashmir in:

(a) April, 1990

(b) March 1997

(c) April 1993

(d) March 1996

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