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Deputy Direct FIA 2008 Past Paper
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21. UN General Assembly approved Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTBT on:

(a) 15th Oct. 1961

(b) 10th Sept. 1960

(c) 25th Nov. 1960

(d) 21st Dec. 1961

22. British relinquished the control of Hong Kong and thus it became the part of China on:

(a) July 1997

(b) September 1996

(c) May 1995

(d) December 1998

23. Which of the following countries was readmitted to the Commonwealth recently?

(a) Nepal

(b) Myanmar

(c) Pakistan

(d) None of these

24. What is the currency of Haiti?

(a) Dollar

(b) Gourde

(c) Peso

(d) Pound

25. On which river Baghliar Dam is being constructed by Indians, violating the Indus Water Treaty

(a) Jhelum

(b) Sutluj

(c) Chenab

(d) Ravi

26. In what part of the world is the Mosquito Coast located?

(a) Central America

(b) East Africa

(c) Melanesia

(d) Australia

27. A school has enough food for 400 children for 12 days. How long will the food last if 80 more children join them?

(a) 6 days

(b) 7 days

(c) 10 days

(d) 8 days

28. When Pakistan Resolution was presented in 1940, Sardar supported the same in a very effective way/manner.

(a) Aurangzeb

(b) Abdul Rab Nishtar

(c) Both a and b

(d) None of these

29. The Lahore Resolution was supported by Qazi Muhammad Isa from the province of

(a) Balochistan

(b) NWFP

(c) Punjab

(d) None of these

30. Name the Sindhi leader who supported Pakistan’s Resolution from the province of Sindh.

(a) Sir Abdullah Haroon

(b) G.M. Syed

(c) Ayub Khoro

(d) None of these

31. Maulana Zafar All Khan from the province of supported the Pakistan’s resolution

(a) Punjab

(b) Sindh

(c) NWFP

(d) None of these

32. Allama Shabir Ahmad Usmani formed a party of Ulema called

(a) Jamiat Ulema-e-lslam

(b) Jamiat Uiema-e-Pakistan

(c) Jamiat Ulema-e-Musalman

(d) Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind

33. Qaid-i-Azam wanted three Law Lords from the United Kingdom as important members to be appointed to the

(a) Communal Award

(b) Boundary Commission

(c) August Offer

(d) None of the above

34. The sum of two consecutive numbers is 55, which is the largest number?

(a) 25

(b) 28

(c) 26

(d) 27

35. A person travels 12 km due North, then 15 Km due East, after that 15 Km due West and then 18 Km due to south. How fat is he from the starting point

(a) 6 Km

(b) 60 Km

(c) 60 Km

(d) 3 Km

36. Who was Leszek Miller?

(a) Prime Minister of Poland

(b) Prime Minister of Slovakia

(c) Prime Minister of Czech Republic

(d) Prime Minister of Hungary

37. United States observed its Independence Day every year on

(a) July 1

(b) July 2

(c) July 3

(d) July 4

38. Which one of the following cities does not have the same clock time as that of the other three cities at any given instant?

(a) London (U.K.)

(b) Lisbon (Portugal)

(c) Accra (Ghana)

(d) Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

39. Which one of the following parts of the pitcher plant becomes modified into a pitcher?

(a) Stem

(b) Leaf

(c) Stipule

(d) Petiole

40, If all the numbers from 501 to 700 are written, what is the total number of times does the digit 6 appear?

(a) 141

(b) 139

(c) 140

(d) 138

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