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Deputy Direct FIA 2008 Past Paper
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Deputy Director FIA Past Paper 2008 has been uploaded on clickans. Student can read and memorize for exam day.

All the MCQs are solved and formatted according to the latest trend of exams.

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Deputy Director FIA Past Paper 2008

1. Which one of the following non-metals is not a poor conductor of electricity?

(b) Bromine

(a) Sulphur

(c) Selenium

(d) Phosphorus

2. Which one of the following types of glass can cut off ultraviolet rays?

(a) Jena glass

(b) Soda glass

(c) Pyrex glass

(d) Crookes glass

3. Which one of the following is not a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

(a) Russia

(b) Kazakhstan

(c) Ukraine

(d) Uzbekistan

4. Another name of RDX:

(a) Cyanohydrin

(b) Dextran

(c) Cyclohexane

(d) Cycionite

5. Which two countries claim the Siachen glacier?

(a) Pakistan and India

(b) India and China

(c) China and Pakistan

(d) None of these

6. Shahbaz Airbase is located in

(a) Quetta

(b) Jacobabad

(c) Sibi

(d) Makran

7. Who was Paavo Lipponen?

(a) Prime Minister of Sweden

(b) Prime Minister of Finland

(c) Prime Minister of Estonia

(d) Prime Minister of Latvia

8. Highest military award of Iraq is:

(a) Iron cross

(b) Order of Al Rafidhain

(c) Australian active service medal

(d) War cross with sword

9. Memo gate scandal is related to which one of the following countries?

(a) Pakistan

(b) Sri Lanka

(c) China

(d) India

10. Which neighbor country of Pakistan is landlocked country?

(a) Iran

(b) India

(c) China

(d) Afghanistan

11. Which of these resorts is not on Florida’s Emerald Coast?

(a) Pensacola Beach

(b) Fort Walton Beach

(c) Daytona Beach

(d) Panama City Beach

12. One goes to the beach on the Sunshine Coast in which Australian state?

(a) Western Australia

(b) New South Wales

(c) Queensland

(d) South Australia

13. What name refers both to the coast of North Africa and the San Francisco Bay area?

(a) Golden Coast

(b) Tripoli Coast

(c) Buccaneer Coast

(d) Barbary Coast

14. What is the capital of the country Sudan?

(a) Khartoum

(b) Harare

(c) Kinshasa

(d) Banjul

15. Who is the current President of Russia?

(a) Dmitry Medvedev

(b) Vladimir Putin

(c) Silvio Berlusconi

(d) Vladimir Meadonev

16. When Hamas came into power in Palestine?

(a) 15th February 2004

(b) 25th January 2005

(c) 21st July 2004

(d) 15th March 2005

17. The French Revolution began in the year:

(a) 1770

(b) 1788

(c) 1789

(d) None of these

18. Sir Sayyed was given the tittle of Knight-hood by the British Government in

(a) 1885

(b) 1888

(c) 1887

(d) 1889

19. Loyal Mohammedan of India was written by:

(a) Hali

(b) Ch. Rehmat Ali

(c) Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan

(d) Abul Kalam Azad

20. When did Sir Sayyed set M.AO. High School in Aligarh

(a) 1871

(b) 1875

(c) 1873

(d) 1872

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