Data Entry Operator PPSC Punjab Police PPSC Past Paper 2020

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Data entry operator PPSC Punjab police Past paper 2020
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41. If I am sixth in a queue from either end. How many people are there in the queue?

(A) 11

(B) 9

(C) 12

(D) 13

42. ______ is a silicon chip which carries out set of instructions and processes the data efficiently and accurately.


(B) Modem

(C) Processor

(D) Hard disk

43 The first Network is called:





44. “Yaum-e-Takbeer” in Pakistan is celebrated on

(A) 6 September

(B) 16 December

(C) 23 March

(D) 28 May

45. Harappa is a city in Punjab about 24 km south west of:

(A) Sahiwal

(B) Multan

(C) Narowal

(D) Makran

46. The file type ______ indicates the file is a word document

(A) .doc

(B) .wrd

(C) .exe

(D) .txt

47. Which of the following country is situated on Equator?

(A) Maldives

(B) Gabon

(C) Indonesia

(D) All of these

48. The famous Adam’s Peak, which is venerated by Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, is located in:

(A) Syria

(B) Turkey

(C) Malaysia

(D) Sri Lanka

49. Which generation Computers used transistors?

(A) First generation

(B) Second generation

(C) Third generation

(D) Fourth generation

50. Paint keeps track of every program placed on the screen.

(A) Image

(B Object

(C) Pixel

(D) Color

51. Which of the following is not a major reason for an email bounce?

(A) Bad user account name

(B) Bad domain name

(C) Stale file handle

(D) Domain server is down

52. Which of the following is Mozilla Firefox?

(A) Anti-virus software

(B) Web browser


(D) CO

53. From the following personalities indicate the one who has represented Pakistan at the United Nation Representative:

(A) Dr. Waheed Qureshi

(B) Patras Bokhari

(C) Fan Ahmad Faiz

(D) Ate ul Haq Qasmi

54. Ronaldo is a Brazilian retired professional player of

(B) Baseball

(A) Hockey

(C) Football

(D) Tennis

55. Which part of the computer is called “brain of the computer?

(A) Compiler

(B) Central Processing Unit

(C) Visual Display Unit

(D) None of these

56. Which one of the following is the most powerful computer?

(A) Personal Computer

(B) Super Computer

(C) Mobile Computer

(D) Power Computer

57. In Microsoft Excel the Intersection of columns and rows is called a:

(A) Data

(B) Table

(C) Cell

(D) Schema

58. In computing, MB stands for

(A) More Bytes

(B) Megabyte

(C) Maximum Byte

(D) Minimum Byte

59. Harare is the capital of

(A) Zimbabwe

(B) Hong Kong

(C) Uganda

(D) Panama

60. When was the first session of the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan held?

(A) 11 August, 1947

(B) 14 August, 1947

(C) 19 August, 1947

(D) None of these

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