Data Entry Operator PPSC Punjab Police PPSC Past Paper 2020

You are currently viewing Data Entry Operator PPSC Punjab Police PPSC Past Paper 2020
Data entry operator PPSC Punjab police Past paper 2020
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Data entry operator PPSC Punjab police PPSC past paper 2020 has been uploaded on clickans. Student can read and memorize for exam day.

All the MCQs are solved and formatted according to the latest trend of exams.

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Data Entry Operator PPSC Punjab Police PPSC Past Paper 2020

1. Which key on the keyboard can be used to slide show?

(A) F1

(B) F2

(C) F5

(D) F10

2. Which one is Hypertext language?





3. Another name for free software to:

(A) Encrypted Software

(B) Copy Rights Protect Software

(C) Customized Software

(D) Public Domain Software

4. Which of the following is not used to access the web?


(B) Modem



5. A computer on network is identified by its

(A) Mac Address

(B) Port Address

(C) IP Address

(D) Location


6. Which of the following is correct option for sending same letter to multiple persons?

(A) Mail merge

(B) Macros

(C) Template

(D) Alignment

7. In MS Excel, to create a formula, you can use:

(A) Values but not cell references

(B) Cell references but not values

(C) Values or cell references although not both at the same time

(D) Both value and cell references

8. “Reuters” is the famous news agency of

(A) U.SA

(B) Britain

(D) Russia

(C) France

9. Which programme is generally used in architectural design?

(A) Excel

(B) Power Point

(C) Auto CAD

(D) MS Word

10. In MS Word. “Delete” key delete letters from the _____ side of curser.

(A) Right

(B) Up

(C) Down

(D) Left

11. What lets you to create new presentation by selecting ready-made font color by and graphics affects in PowerPoint?

(A) Presentation Template

(B) Master slide

(C) Design Template

(D) Animation Scheme

12. In recitation of Holy Quran, there are how many occasions when Sajdah (Prostration) is obligatory for the Muslim:

(B) 12

(A) 9

(C) 14

(D) None of these

13. Which of the following is not a function in Microsoft Excel?





14. When an Excel workbook is linked to a Word document

(A) The Word document contains a copy of the actual data

(B) The word document cannot be edited

(C) The word document must contain a hyperlink

(D) The word document contains Source the original reference to application

15. _______ users can open MS Excel 2010 file at the same time.

(A) 100

(B) 50

(C) 256

(D) None of these

16. Which one of the following areas in Pakistan is known for largest Iron ore deposits?

(A) Chitral

(B) Kalabagh

(C) Sat Range

(D) Kalat

17. IN MS Word 2016 to extend a selection to adjacent cells of the table:

(A) Hold down SHIFT and press an arrow key repeatedly

(B) Press Alt + A

(C) Ctrl+ Alt + H

(D) Alt+ End

18. When were Hiroshima and Nagasaki hit by atom bombs?

(A) August 1945

(B) June 1945

(C) April 1944

(D) None of these

19. When you delete a text box object from a slide in PowrPoint Presentation:

(A) The object is deleted but text box and the text inside is left on the slide

(B) The text box is deleted and the text is pasted the slide

(C) The text box and text both are deleted

(D) None of these

20. Complete the Proverb: “Make hay while the _____ shines.”

(A) Moon

(B) Jupiter

(C) Sun

(D) Earth

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