Current Affairs July 2nd, 2021 July Current Affairs

Current Affairs July 2nd, 2021 July Current Affairs
Current Affairs July 2nd, 2021
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Current Affairs July 2nd, 2021

1. 2.5 million doses of Moderna vaccine arrive from ______ to Pakistan.

(a) USA

(b) Russia

(c) China

(d) Germany

2. Bagram Airbase located in?

(a) Pakistan, Balochistan

(b) Afghanistan, Parwan

(c) Afghanistan, Kabul

(d) Iran, Yazd

3. Senior Actor Anwar Iqbal passed away on

(a) July 1st, 2021

(b) July 2nd, 2021

(c) June 30, 2021

(d) June29, 2021

4. The World Bank announced $4 billion for the purchase and supply of COVID-19 vaccine to ______ countries.

(a) 20

(b) 27

(c) 33

(d) 51

5. 2nd July is celebrated as

(a) World UFO Day

(b) International Children’s Day

(c) Doctor’s Day

(d) Teacher’s Day

6. Current Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court

(a) Justice Muhammad Shiraz Kiyani

(b) Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail

(c) Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan

(d) None of these

7. USA Military have left Bagram Airbase after 20 years on

(a) June 30, 2021

(b) July 1st, 2021

(c) July 2nd, 2021

(d) None of these

8. Khuzdar is the city of which province?

(a) KPK

(b) Gilgit Baltistan

(c) Sindh

(d) Balochistan

9. Current Ambassador of Pakistan to the USA

(a) Asad Majeed Khan

(b) Maleeha Lodhi

(c) Syed Aamjad Ali

(d) None of these

10. B3W is a project of G7 countries has worth

(a) 10 Trillion

(b) 40 Trillion

(c) 100 Trillion

(d) None of these

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