CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-4 Vocabulary Building

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CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-4
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Review your words on daily basis. If you write 15 words in a day then you must revise them before writing another day. They will be engraved on your brain. You can easily use them at anytime. CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-4

Read all these 15 words on daily bases and improve your CSS and GRE Vocabulary set-4. All words are collected from GRE and CSS Past Papers

CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-4

1. Reticent

Inclined to keep silent ; reserved


She was extremely reticent about her personal affairs.


Synonym: Reserved, Inhibited, Withdrawn

2. Entourage

A group of attendants or associates; a retinue


Top celebrities travel with extensive entourages, which often include security guards, assistants, stylists, managers, publicist and more.


Synonym: Show, Reveal, Display, Manifest

3. Castigate

To scold, Rebuke, Harshly criticize


Professor Dr. Shahid Rafique proffered to castigate student’s misbehavior publically.


Synonym: Reprimand, Admonish, Chastise

4. Circumscribe

To draw a circle around; to restrict, restrict something within limits.


In Pakistan the minister’s power are not circumscribed by tradition of federal government.


Synonym: Restrict, Limit, Delimit, Curb

5. Litigious

Prone to engage in lawsuit


Sir Seyad Ahmad Khan was a litigious ma; at any point, he tried to tackle Hindus.


Synonym: Disputatious, Contentious

6. Scrupulous

Principled, having a strong sense of right and wrong


Tmran Khan’s scrupulous behavior helps him to judge the Americans policy in South Asia.


Synonym: Careful, Meticulous, Painstaking

7. Chicanery

Trickery, use of deception to achieve one’s purpose


Storylines packed with political chicanery.


Synonym: Trickery, Deception, Deceit 

8. Laudatory

Full of Praise


The Prime Minister speech was laudatory, congratulating the federal ministers on their achievements.


Synonym: Complimentary, Praising, Extolling

9. Quell

To put down forcible, suppress


Extra security personals were called to quell the disturbance in New Delhi.


Synonym: Put and end to, End, Finish

10. Derogatory

Insulting or intended to insult


She tells me I’m conservative and is making always derogatory remarks.


Synonym: Disparaging, Belittling, Diminishing

11. Vindictive

Disposed to seek revenge, revengeful, spiteful


Opposition has right to criticize but criticism on Prime Minister’s personal life was both vindictive and personalized.


Synonym: Vengeful, Revengeful, Avenging, Unforgiving

12. Falgrant

Extremely or deliberately or noticeable


Burning the flag shows flagrant disrespect for the country.


Synonym: Blatant, Obvious, Glaring, Overt

13. Ubiquitous

Being or seeming to be everywhere at thee same time; omnipresent


Tahir had a ubiquitous little niece; wherever he turned, there she was.


Synonym: Everywhere, All-over, omnipresent

14. Alleviate

To ease a pain or burden


Hamza meditated to alleviate the pain from the headache he got after taking the CSS essay paper.


Synonym: Reduce, Ease, Relieve, Take the edge off

15. Complement

Something that completes, bring to perfection, or goes with


The lovely computer is the perfect complement to the modern furnishing in Hamza’s apartment.


Synonym: Set off, Suit, Accompany

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