CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-3 Vocabulary Building

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CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-3
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Review your words on daily basis. If you write 15 words in a day then you must revise them before writing another day. They will be engraved on your brain. You can easily use them at anytime. CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-3

Read all these 15 words on daily bases and improve your CSS and GRE Vocabulary set-3. All words are collected from GRE and CSS Past Papers

CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-3

1. Lurch

To make a sudden, unsteady movement forward or sideways


Presently, we are lurching from one crisis to another.

This relationship seems to lurch from one crisis to the next.


Synonym: Stagger, Stumble, Sway

2. Exhibit

To show something in a public place for people or give information


They will be exhibiting their new designs at the trade fairs.


Synonym: Show, Reveal, Display, Manifest

3. Malaise

The problems affecting a particular situation or group of people that are difficult to explain or identify


Economic/Financial/Social malaise

The last crime figures are merely symptomatic of wider malaise in society.


Synonym: Unease, Melancholy 

4. Rectify

To put right something that is wrong


We must take steps to rectify the situation.


Synonym: Correct, Right, Sort out

5. Straits

A very difficult situation especially because of lack of money


The factory is in dire straits.

She found herself in desperate financial straits.


Synonym: Difficulty, Trouble, Crisis

6. Dwindle

To become gradually less or smaller


US reliance on external resources will dwindle, its dependence on its traditional Middle East allies.


Synonym: Diminish, Reduce, Decrease

7. Unleash

To suddenly let a strong force, emotion, etc. be felt or have an effect


The government’s proposal unleashed a storm of protest in the press.


Synonym: Release, Free

8. Euphoria

An extremely strong feeling of happiness and excitement that usually lasts only a short time


I was in a state of euphoria all day.

Euphoria soon gave way to despair.


Synonym: Elation, Delight, Joy

9. Polarize

To separate or make people separate into two groups with completely opposite opinions


Public opinion has polarized on this issue



Synonym: Separate, Part, Demarcate

10. Embroil

Embroil somebody/yourself to involve somebody/yourself in an argument or a difficult situation


I was reluctant to embroil myself in his problems.


Synonym: Involve, Entangle, Ensnare

11. Bicker

To argue about things that are not important


The children are always bickering about something or other.


Synonym: Squabble, Wrangle, Argue

12. Candid

Completely honest, Straightforward


Sana’s candidness overwhelmed her business colleagues, who were not used to such honesty.


Synonym: Frank, Outspoken, Honest

13. Lucid

Easily understood, clear


Our Physics professor Dr. Rashid Jalil provides lucid explanation of even the most difficult concept so that we can all understand them.


Synonym: Intelligible, Comprehensible, Cogent

14. Disseminate

To scatter widely, as in sowing seed, Spread widely


Information Minister should foster good practice by disseminating information.


Synonym: Spread, Circulate, Promulgate

15. Prospectus

Formal proposal, a legal document describing a company


Before writing my M.Phil. thesis, I had to submit a detailed prospectus to the department of approval.


Synonym: Description, Formal Proposal, Brochure 

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