CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-2 Vocabulary Building

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CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-2
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Review your words on daily basis. If you write 15 words in a day then you must revise them before writing another day. They will be engraved on your brain. You can easily use them at anytime. CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-2

Read all these 15 words on daily bases and improve your CSS and GRE Vocabulary set-2. All words are collected from GRE and CSS Past Papers

CSS and GRE Vocabulary Set-2

1. Lament

To feel or express great sadness or disappointment about somebody/something


In poem, he laments the destruction of the countryside.


Synonym: Mourn, Sorrow, Wail

2. Inevitable

Avoid or Prevent


A rise in the interest rate seems inevitable.


Synonym: Unavoidable, Inescapable, Assured

3. Bring off

To succeed in doing something difficult


It was a difficult task but we brought it off.

The goalie brought off a superb save.


Synonym: Pull off, Achieve, Accomplish

3. Imperil

To put somebody or something in danger


To ignore this challenge would be to imperil all law and order.


Synonym: Endanger, Jeopardize, Risk

4. Lambaste

Somebody/something to attack or criticize very severely especially in public


The opposition party often lambastes the progress of the ruling party.


Synonym: Criticize, Castigate, Chastise

5. Muster

To find as such courage, support as you can


The troops mustered in response to the human violation in Kashmir.


Synonym: Gather, Assemble, Mobilize

6. Expedite

To make process happen more quickly


We have developed rapid order processing to expedite deliveries to customers.


Synonym: Speed up, Accelerate, Hasten

7. Shelve

To decide not to continue with a plan either for a short term or long term


The government has shelved the idea until next year.


Synonym: Lay aside, Postpone, Delay

8. Hamper

To prevent from easily doing or achieving something


Rescue efforts were severely hampered by the bad weather.


Synonym: Hinder, Impede, Obstruct

9. Escalate

To become or make something greater, more serious, or increase in intensity or magnitude


OIC member states need to escalate work on dismantling tariffs and non-tariffs barriers.


Synonym: Soar, Shoot up, Rocket

10. Indomitable

Not willing to accept defeat, even in a difficult situation: very brave and determined


An indomitable spirit.

An indomitable campaigner for human rights.


Synonym: Invincible, Unconquerable, Unbeatable

11. Propensity

A tendency to a particular kind of behavior


He showed a propensity for violence.

She has a propensity to exaggerate.


Synonym: Inclination, Tendency, Predisposition

12. Blatant

Disapproving or of actions that are bad done in an obvious and open way without caring if people are shocked


A blatant attempt to buy votes.

It was a blatant lie.


Synonym: Flagrant, Glaring, Obvious

13. Despise

To dislike and have no respect for somebody/something



She despised gossip in any from.

He despised himself for being so cowardly.


Synonym: Detest, Hate, Loathe

14. Vehement

Showing very strong feelings, especially anger


A vehement attack/protest.

He had been vehement in his opposition to the idea.


Synonym: Forceful, Passionate, Ardent

15. Plausible

Reasonable and likely to be true


Qanateer’s story sounded perfectly plausible.

The only plausible explanation is that he forgot.


Synonym: Credible, Reasonable, Believable

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