CSS and GRE Vocabulary Building Set-1

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CSS and GRE Vocabulary Building
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If your are going to plan for Competitive Exams the Vocabulary portion is very important. According to the exam point of view most question of CSS and GRE vocabulary are synonyms and antonyms types.

Moreover, CSS and GRE vocabulary enhance the writing skills as well as expression. 

Following thing you must know before reading something.

Keep your notebook

When you are reading something you must have notebook to note down some important words. Write important words, their meanings and a sentence of the selected word.


Review your words on daily basis. If you write 15 words in a day then you must revise them before writing another day. They will be engraved on your brain. You can easily use them at anytime.

Read all these 15 words on daily bases and improve your CSS and GRE Vocabulary. All words are collected from GRE and CSS Past Papers

CSS and GRE Vocabulary

1. Volatile

Likely to change suddenly or easily becoming dangerous


A volatile situation where from which riots might develop.


Synonym: Unstable

2. Garner

Gather, Acquire


All the information we garnered.

Pakistan has garnered wide support from its candidate.


Synonym: Gather, Collect

3. Bedevil

To cause a lot of problems for somebody/something over a long period of time.


The injury bedeviled him throughout his career.

Events that bedevil Pakistan’s external relations at this time.



Synonym: Baffle, Flummox, Bewilder

4. Subvert

To try to destroy the authority of political and religious system by attacking it directly or indirectly


No one would be allowed to subvert peace in the province.


Synonym: Undermine

5. Dither

To hesitate about what to do because you are unable to decide


Pakistan has been dithering for all these years on reciprocating with an MFN status for India.


Synonym: Fret

6. Quandary

Not able to decide what to do in a difficult situation


He was in a quandary, should he go or not?


Synonym: Dilemma, Double bind, Perplexity

7. Bereft

Completely lacking something, having lost something


Bereft of ideas/hope

Her death in 2010 left his bereft.


Synonym: Beggared, Cut Off, Deprived

8. Ameliorate

To make something better


Steps have been taken to ameliorate the situation.


Synonym: Improve


Making it easy, Possible or likely for something to happen


Chairs in rows are not as conducive to discussion as chairs arranged in a circle.


Synonym: Favorable

10. Forge

To put a lot of effort into making something successful or strong so that it will last long


Strategic alliances are being forged with European Union.


Synonym: Build, Establish

11. Stalemate

A disagreement or a situation in a competition in which neither side is able to win or make any progress


The talks between Taliban and USA ended in stalemate.

(Stalemate in Afghanistan)


Synonym: Impasse

12. Contend

To say that something is true, especially in an argument / To compete against somebody in order to gain something


Three armed groups were contending for power.


Synonym: Maintain

13. Corrode

To destroy something slowly


Corruption corrodes public confidence in a political system.


Synonym: Deteriorate

14. Scapegoat

A person who is blamed for something bad that somebody else has done or for some failure


She felt she had been made a scapegoat for her boss’s incompetence.


Synonym: Full Guy, Chump, Doormat

15. Grapple

To try hard to find a solution to a problem


The new government has yet to grapple with the problem to air pollution.

I was grappling to find a solution to his problem.


Synonym: Confront, Contend, Deal with

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