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Clickans is presenting all the  important MCQs related to computer, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint MS Access and Web. All these MCQs can boost your preparation and will give you extra marks in competative exams.


Each test has a computer portion. Most of the students can’t prepare it according to the examiners requirement’s so they fail to achieve merit. 


Below are the MCQs set, student can read daily 1-2 sets and memorize them for exam day.

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Computer Basic MCQs Set-01

1. ALU stands for

(a) Athematic Logic Unit

(b) Array Logic Unit

(c) Application Logic Unit

(d) None of these

Option (a) Athematic Logic Unit

2. The brain of any computer system is

(a) Scientific code

(b) Object oriented programming

(c) Technological advancement

(d) All of the above

Option (d) All of the above

3. Source code is available to modify, view and redistribute in

(a) Closed Source

(b) Licensed

(c) Open Source

(d) Proprietary

Option (c) Open Source

4. Which of the following is not output device?

(a) Scanner

(b) Printer

(c) VDU

(d) All of the above

Option (a) Scanner

5. Which of these have more storage capacity?

(a) DVD

(b) CD

(c) Both a & b have same

(d) None of these

Option (a) DVD

6. Which of the following is not the classification of computers based on application?

(a) Digital Computers

(b) Electronic Computers

(c) None of these

(d) All of the above

Option (c) None of these

7. Microsoft .NET is?

(a) Closed Source

(b) Open Source

(c) Browser

(d) All of the above

Option (a) Closed Source

8. _____ determines which piece of large program need to be recompiled.

(a) make

(b) rpm

(c) yum

(d) None of these

Option (a) make

9. Shell is the exclusive feature of?

(a) DOS

(b) System Software

(c) UNIX

(d) Application Software

Option (c) UNIX

10. Eclipse is an IDE developed in?

(a) C++

(b) Python

(c) C

(d) java

Option (c) C

Computer Fundamental MCQs Set-02

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