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General Knowledge MCQs

The International Day of Peace is observed annually on?

(a) 20 Sept

(b) 21 Sept

(c) 22 Sept

(d) 23 Sept


Suez Canal is owned by?

(a) Syria

(b) Turkey

(c) Egypt

(d) None of these


________ is the World’s Loudest Bird.

(a) Macaws

(b) Cockatoos

(c) White Bellbird

(d) None of these


_______ is known as leap day or leap year day.

(a) Feb 29

(b) Feb 28

(c) March 01

(d) None of these


Penalty cards (Red and Yellow) used in Football first introduced in which year____?

(a) 1970 (Mexico World cup)

(b) 1974

(c) 1996

(d) None of these


Capital of Germany is?

(a) Nairobi

(b) London

(c) Paris

(d) Berlin


16th century built Kharphocho Fort is located in?

(a) Kot Digi

(b) Taxila

(c) Swat

(d) Skardu


For which mineral, Duki is famous?

(a) Suphur

(b) Chromite

(c) Barytes

(d) Coal

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